Restoration and transformation of an old carpenter’s bench

Selva de Mar / Second residence

In this project for a residence in Selva de Mar we have worked together with the interior design studio Rectangle Blau and we have taken care of the restoration, transformation and creation of several pieces. The work has consisted of the restoration of an old carpenter’s bench and its transformation into two different pieces of furniture.

A bench that tells its history

In the first meeting we had with the client, he told us that his father had been a cabinetmaker and he still had his woodworking bench. He had the idea and the illusion to combine this furniture somehow in his home to pay tribute to his father. Every stroke, every crack in the bench told stories…

The restoration

The idea of the restoration was to keep the soul of the furniture. First, we decided on the type of finish for the wood of the bench. Of course, we removed the woodworm, but we kept the surface so that the whole history of the furniture was easily visible. The finish was done with water-based varnish, combined with a few coats of shellac to achieve the desired texture and feel. For reasons of aesthetics and space, we decided to transform it into the new bar of the American kitchen. The finish of the kitchen was an impressive white lacquer with which it contrasts very well with the old wood texture. The perfect combination is the metal legs of the bar designed by the interior designer Assumpta Pujol.

And the rest of the elements?

As our idea is always to give a second life to antique furniture through restoration, we use the legs of the old bench joined with the structure of an old sewing machine to create the support of the bathroom spike. This piece of furniture, now renovated, looked spectacular when joined with the modern Italian design tap and spigot chosen by the decorator. We painted the metal structure in an anthracite colour like the ceramic shade, but this time we decided to leave the wood finish as fine as possible.

The restoration, a personal look

At Fritz&wood we understand restoration as a creative reinterpretation of the furniture or object with the space it occupies. We like to take care and pamper the details in each project.

Do you have a similar piece
what do you want to revive?

We can restore it, give it a new touch and even a new use so that it adapts to the space where you want to place it: your home, your office, your restaurant… We will see what state it is in, what use you want to give it, and we will create a new life for it.

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Manel Estany

“Working with Julia is very rewarding. Listen to you and respect your ideas and elegantly contribute your vision. She informs you of the state of the pieces and sends you a photographic report of evolution, with which you live the transformation of the work. Adjust the times to your needs and the result exceeds your expectations at a more than reasonable price. I needed to find someone who could understand me and take advantage of my pieces, and I found it: Julia. I’ve regained my family history and enjoy it through the transformation Julia has made.

A real pleasure, very comforting! Thank you very much!”

Carlos and Gemma

“Working with Julia is a real pleasure. We were in love with her brand since we met her. When we wish to have a bed head, we decided to order it from her. Julia has an innate talent for cabinetmaking and marquetry, she has a good eye for advising on designs, shapes and colours, and the materials she uses are of good quality. It is difficult for us to summarize in a few lines how happy we are, but perhaps we would like to highlight the fact that Julia has informed us throughout the process of making our furniture: she sent us photos of designs so that we could choose the one we liked best and, once the work had begun, she told us how it was progressing. We liked it very much because it makes you part of the process and you feel that this piece of furniture also has a part of you, although in reality it is Julia who makes magic with wood!

Thank you, Julia, for your work, now our bedroom looks finished and personal!”

Lourdes Baldrich

“I was looking for a professional, with guarantees for a restoration of an Elizabethan-style chest of drawers and so I contact with Julia. Once the budget was quoted, the dialogue was active and fluid. There were comments and photos during the project. At all times I knew how it was going. Fantastic!

She replaced the wood of the missing parts and complement the marquetry drawings. Delivery in the expected time. Before you could see the years. Now the furniture has a good presence and let you fall in love.

Thank you Julia for your work and your friendship. A hug.”

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