Woodworker and artist who loves wood, geometric marquetry, colors, special design and quality.

Looking for art, elegance and harmony in life

I feel passion for the magic of wood. The fragance, the texture and the natural expression of wood envolves you and makes you happy.

I believe that the decoration of your home can influence your mind and feelings. I´m shure that after a long day working you come home, you kick off your shoes and when you find a space you create with love, you will feel relaxed quickly.

So I design and create exclusive furniture in wood: tables, banchs, stools, lamps, unique pieces and woodart for your home and other spaces like, your studio, restaurant, bar or hotel. I want you to fall in love with the atmosphere of your home or space; to feel in harmony, special and elegant with the decoration you choose for your lifestyle.

Let´s talk about your ideas and work it out!

I also can restore antique furniture or wooden objects which transmit so much of history and can be a curious complement in modern or old fashioned spaces. “



Julia Fritz is a cabinet maker, born in 1977 in Düsseldorf/ Germany.

Working since 1998 with her favorite material: Wood.

In  2013 she founded fritz&wood, her own brand.


fritz&wood creates art and design furniture in wood
and provides restoration of antique furniture on request.
Since 2001 Julia lives and works in the metropolitan area of Barcelona and her craftstudio is located close to the sea.

The main artistic interest of fritz&wood is to reinterpret the antique art of marquetry and to create living spaces with a special and unique atmosphere.

Her wood products are an exiting combination of cabinetmakers knowledge and new contemporary design. Inspired in nature and arquitecture she is reflecting geometric forms in natural and colored wood veneer.

The woodart and design furniture of fritz&wood is an exclusive
complement for modern and old fashioned spaces, finding the right balance between nature, design, colors and textures.

Furniture and art for those who have the sensibility to enjoy with the sence of touch and vision of noble materials like the wood; who takes pleasure in a special design, in unique or custom­made pieces or objects of limited production.

Always handcrafted in Barcelona.


In this showrooms you can find mi products:

Mar de Cava · Calle Valencia 293 · Barcelona

Materia Terrícola · Plaza Joanic 7 · Barcelona

Ici et là · Passatge Sert 5 · Barcelona

Mag Arquitectes · Calle Prim 169 · Badalona


The past

She came to Barcelona in 2001 from Germany with the title of carpinter and experience in woodconstructions and building and restoring church organs in the firm “Walcker”.

In the Catalan capital she was making practicec in restoring antique furniture, art and artquitectural heritage in the firm “Ciutat Vella­ Taller de Restauración 2000” of Cristina Thió and Marta Vilá.

Finished one year of practices she had the oportunity to stay in the business like an employer. During ten years she was working in restoration of antique furniture and has been involved in large and importants restoration projects as:

Assistant in large restoration projects

By “Ciutat Vella­Taller de Restauración” and “Chroma” ­Rehability of ArquitecturalHeritage.

∙ Hotel España/“Sala Sirena” ­ Domènec i Montaner / Barcelona

∙ Chairs of bishop / Barcelona

∙ Part of Rampart of Barcelona

∙ Church/Basilica of Castellón de Ampuries/ Frontdoor/Organsculptures

∙ Church romanesque of Durro/Vall de Boi/ Altar

∙ Church in Barcelona/ Example/ roof with stucco and gold

∙ Church organ/ Crowning with lions sculpture/ Deba/Basque Country

∙ Gio Ponti/Supperleggera chairs

∙ Thonet/ lavatory

∙ Boulle Furniture


Related studies

∙ Marquetry by J.Ordoñez / Bcn

∙ History of Furniture by Joan Guell / Estudí del Moble / Bcn

∙ Carving by cabinetmaker A.Crespo / Bcn

∙ Turner by wood turner E.Juanola / Bcn