The essence

Fritz & wood is the meeting between wood, crafts, creativity, Julia Fritz and her collaborators.
We design, create and produce exclusive furniture, art and unique pieces with noble woods with our hands. In addition, we carry out custom projects and offer restoration and transformation services for antique furniture.

Julia Fritz

From a young age, Julia Fritz from Düsseldorf / Germany is fascinated by architecture, wood, art, furniture transformation and decoration. After a stay in the United States, she decided to study the techniques and skills of the carpentry and cabinetmaking trade at the Walcker company specialized in the construction of church organs in southern Germany.

In 2001, she began in a heritage architectural furniture and interior restoration workshop in the center of Barcelona. In this workshop she learns from his teachers and in the course of 11 years she participates in projects such as the restoration of the altarpiece of the Romanesque church of Durro in the Vall de Boi, the room of the mermaids in the Hotel España by the architect Domenech i Montaner, furniture of the bishopric in Barcelona, the central door of the Castellón de Empuries basilica, among others.

In 2012 Julia decided to found fritz & wood to shape her ideas, concerns and designs. In collaboration with other workshops, he creates his first collection of geometric marquetry furniture. Since then she collaborates with different studios of architects, interior designers, markets and art galleries.

At the same time, she continues to respond to furniture restoration orders, collaborating on interior projects, creating art pieces and sharing his knowledge in children’s carpentry workshops.

She is very passionate about her profession and knows that taking care of details is essential to find happiness and satisfaction. Curious to discover her path in the world of furniture design, art, decoration and teaching, she is open to new proposals and impulses, to share and grow together to continue in this direction with enthusiasm and the unforgettable fragrance of wood. that accompanies her life.

Design and production km.0

All our pieces are designed and built 100% in Catalonia. The designs of marquetry and the structures of plywood are made by fritz and wood.

Solid wood or metal structures such as the pressing process are in charge of collaborators in the area of Barcelona.

In addition, our suppliers and collaborators receive a fair rate for their work and our production is not carried out in countries with less labor rights and lower wages.


We design and create all the pieces by hand.

We seek the best quality, durability and sustainability, that is why we use noble woods such as oak, teak or ash for the structures. We also work pieces with strong metal
structures and models with plywood.
For the marquetry designs we work with oak, ash, eucalyptus, walnut, Cuban mahogany, wenge, magnolia, cherry, cedar, cypress, bobinga, maple, rosewood, Ceylon lemongrass, teak or coral.

Where we are

BDN workshop

We currently reside in the BDN workshop, a creative space for artists in Badalona

Studios and physical stores

If you want to see, touch and buy our products you can contact us and have a private visit in our workshop and you can find them at:

Materia Terrícola · Plaza Joanic 7 · Barcelona
Ici et là · Passatge Sert 5 · Barcelona

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